A haiku is a Japanese poem.
It is the shortest form of poetry in the world,
In just three verses, the poem spreads out.

There is an extreme simplification sublimated
Words become (powerful) images
Which activate multiple meanings.

This is a challenging exercise,
Where the “search” of details, relationships,
The sound (music) have a dynamic impact.

It seems to me that this poetic form,
Is present in my plastic work,
Already, by the declination of the number three.

Here are some personal examples :

* Haïku : Instructions

Read between the lines
Weaving vines
My wise signs.

* * *

* Christelle

Christelle, a spark,
Then, the eternal,
Seals the sky “.

February 13, 2009

* * *

* Writing

Writing is a lighting, an illumination
Who allows crossing dark passages,
discovering messages.

February 19, 2009

* * *

* Miss Boll

Under the olive trees of fire
Miss Boll deploys fields
Salt and gravity are more games

September 1, 0210

* * *

* The art

We leave the art aside
We moves away from any beauty
Boring things settles down with tranquillity.

* * *

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