Project Lots-Angel 2

Alfred Kastler high school, Guebwiller, France.
Classe of 2nde Plastic Arts: 12 pupils

* * *

The « Project Lots-Angel 2 »,
Is a continuation of the « Project Lots-Angel 1»
They are complementary.
They call out to one another.

We move from the horizontality,
To reach the verticality. (Cf. Image 2 .)
Through this passage,
A new world appears:
The world of sound. (Cf. Image 8 .) (Cf. Image 9 .)

We start again,
From the beautiful alley,
Who cross the park,
Of the Alfred Kastler High School, Guebwiller. (Cf. Image 1 .)
By paying an attention on trees.

Some trees are emptied at the lower level,
They look like,
Straight posts.

The general idea :
Two structures in rhombuses,
Out of whitewood of 1m 80 on side,
Tied up on the trunk with 2m of the ground.

The nodes which attach the rhombuses to trees,
Are important.

The device is simple,
But rich in semantic resonance.
And sound.

Each structure is twofold.
Students hanging light parts,
Like “mobile”.
Each “Mobile”
Should not exceed 19.6 inches height,
15.7 inches width and depth.

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