Project E2

The Project E2 is 10 years old
Already …

The two wells:
Today and yesterday.

On an unconscious way,
I have long drawn a single subject;
Always the same:
A man who plunged into the sea,
With a large cliff on the right.

Much later,
I encounter the same pattern on a famous monument:
Tomb of the Diver (Paestum – Southern Italy) …

La Tombe du Plongeur (Paestum – Italie du Sud) (Tomb of the Diver). La Tombe du Plongeur , (Paestum – Italie du Sud)
Tomb of the Diver, (Paestum – South of Italy)

What it is necessary to retain of the souvenir
Is that art is not only an object that represents the space
But also a topic that included time
(Time of the individual and of humanity).

I’m trying inter alia, to resurrect the “pages of our buried headstones ”
A fast graphics without obeying conscience …

December 27, 2010.

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