« E’ye : What is Art ? » III. Serie « Wink  »

THE PITCH : Photograph voluntary spectators who give a wink in front of the project « E’ye : What is Art ? »

* * *

What is it all about ?

Marcel Duchamp said that: « It is the viewer which makes the picture ». But what happens when the viewer is photographed in front of the picture ?

The pitch of the « Project « E’ye : What is Art ? » Version I – 1» announces the following idea: Art in a wink of eye – The portable museum
Make a « portable, universal museum » circulate in town. The public does not have time to go to the museum, it is thus the museum which goes to their place.

Now exactly, it seemed to me that it was interesting to include the viewer in the picture by making winks of eye.

The project was started on Sunday, October 5th, 2014. I take photos in functions of my availability.

* * *

© Project E3, Eoesis, « E’ye : What is Art ? » Version III. Serie « Wink » – October 2014

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