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« Speechless Project »

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The project is cancelled. (13.03.2015)

The project « 100 E’nvois »,
Or still “Speechless”, (I hope that it is the case.)
Was started,
By the Project Opening’E (P.O.E.) 2010.

Because, I noticed the emergence
Of new things, a new dynamics
Unexpected and unpredictable things.
That it was urgent to put into action.

* * *

1. The idea of the project « 100 E’Card »
2. Procedure, limit and assessment of the project
3. The begining of the project
4. Composition and steps of a « E’Card »
5. Goal of the project
6. All poetic verses
7. References

* * *

1. The idea of the project « 100 E’Card »

It is to send,
“To deliver”, 100 folds « E’CArd »,
Under the size of a Postcard (P.C.).

Every P.C. will be folded and unfolded.
It will be sent,
To readers wishing, simply,
To receive a fold « E’CArd ».
It is the first advantage of the project:
The virtual becomes real.

All the 100 folds « E’CArd »,
Will be reproduced.
On this page

* * *

2. Procedure, limit and assessment of the project

1. It is enough to see,
If your city is not mentioned in the board below.

Because, the project is limited to send 100 « E’CArd ».
One fold by day and city (one by department or district),
In order to obtain a good world dispersion of the project.
The objective is thus of 100 cities.
Delivered over 100 days.

2 remarks :
a. I do not consult my email, every day;
b. It could be that I’m away for a few days
At this moment, the days of absence are not counted.

2. Communicatea name and a postal address,
Under this form:
A – (4). Nickname or Name :
B – Addresses :
– Street :
(5).City :
Department (district) :
(6). Country
C – (7). Man (M) or Woman (W) :
D – (8). -20 years or + 20 years :  

Send the address here :

It is useful to notice, that the addresses
Under the shape of “Poste restante” (post remaining)
Shall not be considered,
As well as any shape of spam.

This are the only inconveniences of the project.
But, the contemporaneousness ask for decisions,
And commitments….

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Sequence number of the fold Date of communication of the address Dispatch date of the fold Name or Nickname of the receiver Ville Pays Man / Woman 20 ans / +20 ans
I mm.dd.2013 mm.dd.2013

* * *

3. The begining of the project

The first person who will participate in the project,
Will start the beginning of the project,
And then, the project will last 100 days,
Starting from the date of first participation.

* * *

4. Composition and steps of a « E’Card »

Each fold « E’CArd »,
Will consist of an implementation,
Of several plastic elements:
The support will be drawing paper,
Of 200 grams,
In the neighbourhoods of 3.9 inches. by 5.9 (inches)
The folds will be prepared in advance.
The steps are the following ones:

1. Preparation of the support of the P.C.
Addition of the date,
Addition of a mini-support,
Who will receive a first sequence number,
Starting from α (alpha) 212 [1]. (Cf. Image 1.)

2. A place will be booked,
To register a poetic verse.
Maybe in French:  René Char,
Maybe in English:  William Blake,
Maybe in German:  Rainer Maria Rilke, etc.
Or still in other languages…
It is an important part,
I would still speak about it. (Cf. Image 2.)

See 6. All poetic verses

3. The poetic verse will be varnished
In order not to dilute the ink writing. (Cf. Image 1.)

4. On each support,
There will be an original painting,
Of a “Character’E” or other,
Painted without repentance,
With the black acrylic resin (or another color).
It is the first form. (Cf. Image 3.)

5 & 6. After the form, the background,
Who requires sometimes, two passages. (Cf. Image 4.)

7. The support will be folded,
Twice in the direction of the length,
Twice in the direction of the width,
To obtain the following form:

The folds will be strongly supported,
In order to delimit firmly the sides. (4 X 9 = 36)  

By this way, we obtain,
A small booklet of 9 mini-pages, (Cf. Image 5.)
Who will welcome,
8 small images.
That “will consolidate” the sense of the poetic verse.

8. Painting of the 8 small images. (Cf. Image 6.)

9. Second varnished on the whole of the P.C.

10. Impression on a sheet which will be stuck,
On the back of the P.C., and on the left,
The address of the sender.
And numbering of each P.C.
With Roman numerals,
From : I (one) to C (hundred). (Cf. Images 7 & 8.)

The additional printed sheet,
Consolidate all,
While keeping the appearance of wrinkles.

11. Photography of the « E’CArd »

12. On the back, at the right,
The stamps will be also laid out in « E ». (Cf. Image 7.)

13. Forwarding the « E’CArd »,
Each beginning of the week,
On monday.

14. Publication of the « E’Card »

* * *

5. Goal of the project

The emergence of new emotion,
Which in turn, I hope,
Will start other emotions.
To surprise a “reader”,
Will trigger other emotions.
And to take part in a project of contemporary art.
To register the creative activity,
Of production and diffusion,
On other levels.
Read : Lire : the « Chaîn’E » of contemporary art. 2010.

In sum,
I consider this project,
As an “exhibition”, but
Without gallery,
Without place,
Without wall,
Without advertising,
Without invitation,
Without varnishing,
Without waiting,
Without negotiation,
In short,
Pure emotion,
An adventure of a new kind.

* * *

6. All poetic verses

I recapitulate, progressively , all the poetic extracts, in the order of appearance:

Project « E’Card » number order Number drawing alpha Poet Poem Extract of origin Extract translates
I α 212 René Char Les Matinaux, (The Mornings) [2]. « La vérité attend l’aurore à côté d’une bougie. » « The truth waits for the dawn, next to a candle. »
II α 213 [2]. Qu’il vive ! (That he lives!) « Dans mon pays, on ne questionne pas un homme ému. » « In my country, we do not question a touched man. »
III α 214 « Il n’y a pas d’ombre maligne sur la barque chavirée. » « There is no malignant shade on the capsized boat. »
IV α 215 « Bonjour à peine est inconnu dans mon pays. » « Hello hardly is unknown in my country. »
V α 216 « On n’emprunte que ce qui peut se rendre augmenté. » « We borrow only what can make increased. »
VI α 217 « Il y a des feuilles, beaucoup de feuilles sur les arbres de mon pays./
Les branches sont libres de n’avoir pas de fruits. »
« There are leaves, many leaves on the trees of my country./
The branches are free to have no fruits. »
α 218 « Sur la terre de la veille, la foudre était pure au ruisseau. » « On the earth of the day before, the lightning was pure in the brook. »
α 219 « La vigne sustentait l’abeille, l’épaule levait le fardeau. » « The vineyard sustained the bee, the shoulder raised the burden. »
α 220 « Là, où nous sommes, il n’y a pas de crainte urgente. » « There, where we are, there is not an urgent fear. »

* * *

7. References

[1] Recall of the variations of the project « E »
α (alpha) : Small drawing
β (beta) : Large drawing
γ (gamma) : Painting
δ (delta) : Volume
ε (epsilon) : Specific project
ζ (zêta) : Photography
η (êta) : Video
θ (thêta) : Performance
[2] René Char, Les Matinaux, (The Mornings), Poésie / Gallimard, 1ère édition, 1950, 1987.

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